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Do I Need To Get Dental Veneers?

Oct 9

Your teeth will appear longer thanks to veneers, which also help prevent further tooth degradation because the teeth can hide stains and restore the natural contour to decayed teeth. They are small covers attached directly to the surface of your natural teeth and are composed of porcelain or resin. With veneers, you can change the shade of your teeth, close up any gaps between them, and preserve the health of your natural tooth structure.


You may be considering dental veneers if your teeth are stained, chipped, or otherwise damaged.To make your teeth look better, you can have thin, porcelain shells called veneers attached to the front of your teeth. While veneers can be an effective way to achieve a beautiful smile, they're not suitable for everyone.


Consider the following factors before you decide to get veneers:


  1. The state of your teeth. If your teeth are only mildly damaged, you may be able to achieve a similar effect with professional teeth whitening or bonding. However, veneers are typically reserved for people with severe dental problems, such as cracked or chipped teeth.


  1. The cost. Veneers can be expensive, so you'll need to factor that into your decision.


  1. The commitment. Once you get veneers, they're permanent. There's no going back, so you'll need to be sure you're happy with the decision before proceeding.


If you're considering veneers, talk to your dentist about whether they suit you.


What are the different types of veneers?


Dental veneers need extensive prep work and are frequently made of composite resin or porcelain. But there are other "no-prep" veneers that can be used, and they apply differently.


When placing traditional dental veneers, the tooth structure must typically be ground down, occasionally going below the enamel in some places. This enables accurate installation but is also a painful, irreversible procedure that frequently necessitates a topical anesthetic.


The number of teeth implicated and your dental issues will determine how many teeth need to be reduced. For example, a dentist may request a wax model when multiple teeth are involved in demonstrating how veneers will appear. On the other hand, no-prep surfaces could call for just a small amount of dental modification or preparation.


Ceramic veneers


Prior to creating an impression of your teeth, a mold, some dentists will first grind your teeth down. The porcelain veneer will then be made using the mold and sent to a lab.


 Blended Resin Veneers


The tooth's surface will be etched by your dentist before applying a thin layer of composite material if you choose composite resin veneers. It may take more composite layers than you anticipate to achieve the desired outcome. Your dentist will use a special light in the final phase to solidify the composite veneer.


Non-prep veneers


These include alternatives like the particular brands of porcelain veneers, Lumineers and Veneers. They are easier to apply and require less time. No-prep surfaces only affect the enamel, not the layers of the tooth beneath it. No-prep veneers frequently don't need local anesthetics or temporary veneers.


Many people now frequently use dental veneers to quickly and easily attain their aesthetic objectives during a single visit to our facility. An "off-the-shelf" dental treatment called a dental veneer covers a tooth's front surface to enhance its beauty and functionality. Veneers are little covers glued over the front of your natural teeth. They are, therefore, attractive from a cosmetic standpoint and only require minimal tooth reduction. Teeth that are misshapen or have discolouration can be improved with dental veneers. Additionally, you can use them to change the colour of your teeth and hide minor chips and gaps in your teeth.


At Keels Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, dental veneers are just one of the numerous cosmetic dentistry services we offer. During your initial consultation, we will go through the benefits of veneers and thoroughly explain your treatment options so you can choose the one that is ideal for you.