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Stamped Concrete Patio - Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co

Mar 7

Stamped Concrete Patio - Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co

Patios are often used to either lounge alone or to be a gathering place for family and friends. That is why it is important to ensure it's comfortable and enjoyable. A lot of people today are willing to put a lot of money into the area. They choose to put in nice furniture and decors to make their home look more appealing and inviting.


In addition to having the best furniture to your outdoor space is essential being sure that it is solid and reliable is vital. There are plenty of materials that you can choose to use when building a patio. Concrete is always a preferred option.


Concrete is the material that can make for a beautiful patio. It's sturdy, long-lasting and very easy to maintain and is affordable. Concrete lasts for many years. In fact, it can last for a lifetime as long as you maintain it regularly. What a lot of people know is that proper installation is vital to making the patio last.


Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co has been building concrete patios for decades now. There have been many satisfied customers from all over Knoxville and the surroundings. Our clients continue to grow in numbers. We're grateful to our expert concrete contractors who make all high-quality concrete driveway work.


Different Types of Concrete Patios


Concrete is the most popular material used for building patios. It's durable, long-lasting and very flexible. It is also very affordable as compared with other construction materials you will find in the market. When you are planning this concrete walkway, it is essential to consider the different kinds of concrete you are able to apply for your project. There's no need to look further, though, because we are breaking it down for you. We are confident that Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co does all of these.


Poured Concrete Patio

It is the most popular of the different kinds of patios made from concrete. Concrete laid down has the appearance of a smooth and flat surface suitable for any type of furniture for outdoor use. Concrete slabs are simple to maintain. You can sweep dirt with a brush or wash away debris by applying pressure to water.


Stamped Concrete Patio

Also often referred to as decorative concrete stamping in concrete replicates more expensive construction materials like natural stones, wood, and brick. We provide a wide range of textures, colors, and patterns for you to select. If you want your concrete patio design to be customized we also offer customized design services. Stamped cement isn't only suitable as concrete patios. It can also beautify other concrete areas, such as decks for swimming pools roads, driveways, and floors.


Concrete Paver Patio

Our company provides a wide variety of concrete pavers. Whichever form or design you prefer for your concrete patio, you will have a solution for you. Concrete pavers come in different designs, colors, textures, and dimensions. They can be laid on top of composed of sand or packed soil, or even the concrete you'd like to change.


Concrete Patio Finishes


A concrete patio can be an excellent addition to your backyard. It's an outdoor space that you can unwind your self or unwind with your family and your friends. As a top concrete contractor we give our customers with a choice of concrete patio colors to pick from. Based on your personal preferences or design preferences you may choose your concrete patio's appearance to be the following features:


Polished Surface

Finishes of polished concrete or stamped concrete surface finish on a concrete patio are very well-liked by traditional and conservative homeowners. It's elegant, nothing flashy generally plain. If you're looking for this type of concrete finish concrete slabs or poured concrete is the way to go.


Stamped/Decorative Concrete Finish

Stamped concrete is best for flexible homeowners. This method lets you can explore diverse colors, textures, and patterns. You can pick from a wide range of simple and sophisticated design options, such as wood decks or stone flooring. You can design a custom patio for you. The decorative finish makes your concrete patio distinctive and more appealing.


Concrete Beveled Edge Beveled Edge

The name implies, a bevel refers to a sharp edge that slopes between two primary surfaces which facilitates joining. Bevels are ideal for safety as well as wear resistance and the overall aesthetics of the courtyard (or the rest of concrete structures for that matter).


Exposed Aggregate Finish

The finished exposed aggregate is achieved by taking away the top layer of the material to expose the aggregates that are like sand and stones. The process involves a water washing technique or applying chemical retarders. This process is extremely effective for reducing slip. This makes it the ideal choice for your concrete patio at the backyard.


Concrete Patio Installation Process


Every single day, each of us strives so that we can provide our customers with most excellent service. We take our job seriously which is why we will have happy and satisfied customers at the conclusion of every project. For the best quality end result we go through a complex concrete patio installation method, which includes:


Project Site Assessment

Only experienced concrete contractors are aware that there are different soil conditions. In all of our concrete patio installations, we are sure to inspect the soil's condition first. The kind of soil we're working on is important for the longevity along with the durability and reliability of the project.


Preparation and Delivery of Construction Materials

On-site preparation includes measuring (on a square foot basis) and making sure everything is set for the installation. We also handle the delivery of building materialsand ensure everything is ready to go so that we are able to begin and finish within the timeframe.



Our patios are stunning, we're sure of it. However, we ensure that they are durable and long-lasting enough to withstand the harsh cold and severe weather. The first step is to build concrete flooring, then for walls (depending on the layout). Each step we make sure to ensure that nothing is missed that may cause problems in the future of the project.


Quality Check

We do not abandon an installation like that. Concrete experts from our company conduct Quality assurance checks to guarantee that we've constructed a concrete patio that is safe and long-lasting. We ensure the foundation is stable and the concrete surface is flawlessly created.

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